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Our Indiegogo Campaign has now ended, but you can still support us right here!

Please consider making a contribution, so we can make the best series we possibly can!

So, what's this thing about anyway?

Okay, I'll tell you: "Composing Life" is a short film, with original music, that explores not only the joy, but also the heartbreak of being an artist in this day and age.  It's about fighting for your dreams, no matter the cost; and laughing with your friends when you really want to cry.  And even though these characters may get knocked down, they keep going because it's not just something they want to do, but it's something they need to do; it's in their souls.  It's also a comedy, because I want to inspire people to follow their dreams, not make them feel they need to fill a prescription for Xanax after they watch it. 


JANIS, our documentarian, put her dreams aside many years ago to become a lawyer.  Now that she's "successful", she longs for something more.  Introduced to some artists by a mutual friend, she goes on a mission to figure out why they do what they do.   She sets her sights on SAM, a writer, MARIN, a musician, and SIOBHAN an actress.  Through them, she encounters a few other misfits who are also following their dreams, struggling to do so, but believing in their calling none-the-less. 


Okay, but why are you doing this?

I know why you're asking.   It's because everyone and their mother is asking you to fund their project, and you want to know why you should reach into your pockets for your hard earned cash and contribute to this.   Well, because we need you to and because we need to share this story.   I think it's also my attempt to show people, who are not in the industry, that making art is a worthwhile endeavor that should be supported, because art, whether it's music, theater, film, sculpture or comedy, is an important and vital component to our society.  As frivolous as it may seem to some people, I believe that art has the ability to save lives and change the world.


And on a very personal level, as a struggling artist myself, I would love to get some exposure for my own work and the work of the other artists who are lending their talents to this project, most of whom are my friends. They are all so extremely talented and deserve to have their gifts shared with a wider audience.  And the audience deserves to be entertained by them.


Fine. So, What Do You Need?

Thanks for asking.  How much time to you have?

  • Okay, let's start with the video.  Did you watch the one above?  I directed it and edited it, and well, that CANNOT happen on this film.  Yes, I did write "Composing Life", but it deserves to be well made, and so we need to hire a professional crew to shoot, light and edit it, and none of that comes cheaply.

  • Since the film features original music, it needs to be recorded, mastered and reproduced professionally. But that also means we'll have a soundtrack album.  Yay!

  • Food, glorious food!  We need to feed the actors, and crew, and I'm always hungry, so your money will feed our ever growing appetites!

  • I'd also really love to be able to pay our actors.  I've worked for free many times and sometime's I still do.  We all do it for many reasons.  But I've also been paid, and guess what?  Getting paid is more fun than not.  If I can give each performer a small stipend, my conscience will be lighter!  


The Impact?

I've had the dream to entertain since I was a kid, and I know there are others, many others out there who have dreams as well.  Sometimes life, family and society can stifle those dreams, and it's my hope that this little story might inspire people to stop listening to others, stop listening to their fears, and start listening to their hearts and start following their dreams, even if it's not in the performing arts.  This world NEEDS dreamers.  If I can inspire one person, through entertainment, to fight for their dreams and to let them know that, though it will never be easy, in the end it will be worth it, then I will have accomplished my goal.


Risks & Challenges

Let's face it, short films don't make any money and that's fine because I hope it's clear that's not my intention.  But it also makes it that much more difficult to find investors because they most certainly won't recoup their investments.  Ever hear of an investor invest in something they know they won't be making money on?  NOPE. Not any smart one anyway.  But you can donate and get some fun perks and then we can make this movie and WE ALL WIN.  And I can honestly say, I CANNOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU!


Other Ways You Can Help

All of us involved with "Composing Life" know that times are tough, and you may not be able to contribute a dime, and that's okay, it doesn't mean you can't help:

  • Please forward our website to anyone who you think may want to support us!

We'll never be able to express how grateful we are to all of you!! 

Thank you!


And While I'm Thanking You...

Please let me thank all of those great people who helped make this video!

In Order of Appearance: Polly McKie, Vanessa Spica, Andrew David Sotomayor (Genius Pianist), Otto Walberg, Richard Alleman, Rebbekah Vega Romero, Yvonne Strumecki, Rosie Cosch, Ryan McCurdy (guitar), Sophie Yaeger and Sophie's Open Mic (318 W 53rd St, NYC). 


My gratitude is endless!  Now let's go make a movie! 

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